Barack Obama Net Worth 2015 | Obama Income and Salary

Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States of America. He is very famous to the entire world. He is the first African to be the president of USA.The bank balance of this eminent personality is quite unimaginable. He backs a net worth of nearly 2,801,012 to 11,830,000 dollars according to the 2012 revenue survey.

Barack Obama

Obama is very known for his keen personality. He spends much of his quality time for the wellbeing of his countrymen. His followers, for the mind he keep towards poor people love him. Even in his busy schedule, he finds time for charity. He is also a nobel prize winner of winner. The amount he gained from the nobel prize was completely spent on charity and a small portion of it was taken on his first home.

He is a good orator as well as an extraordinary writer. Some of his famous writings include “Dreams of My Father” and “The Audacity of Hope”. These two books was a great success in the market as its 100 thousand copies were sold out within a week of its publish. If we are about to value his speech in dollars, then it would be nearly  tens of millions of dollars. At present he gets a salary of nearly $400 thousand dollars.

Barack Obama Net Worth: 2,801,012 to 11,830,000 Dollars

Apart from such a huge salary he gets, he can even access 150 thousand dollars expense account and even has a free travel worth 100 thousand dollars. He also an entertainment fund worth 20 thousand dollars. Before taking up the presidency of United States of America, he was serving three terms in the Illinois Senate, which also adds up his total revenue.

Barack Obama did his schooling and college from Columbia University and also Harvard Law School. His talent in presidency was there right from his college days. He was the president of the Harvard Law Review. He worked as teacher of law at the Chicago Law School in the United States. The milestone thing in the life of Obama, that gave him popularity was his keynote address that happened around in 2004.

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