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Central connecticut state university’s main aim is to prepare the students more thoughtful, responsible, and successful citizens. We are a group of people who are dedicated to teaching and to give the scholarship to students who play the key role in building tomorrow’s world. | Central Connecticut State University

We always prioritise the students above everything. We teach the syllabus that is recognized by the association of American colleges & universities. CCSU offers a wide range of courses with 100 majors in more than 80 fields of study. Interested student can pick any of these courses and they can do research in various streams and they can choose internships and co-op programs that are career starting and build the experience level of the student. There are also various of community engagement activities to choose from.

We have associated with 70 leading universities from all over the world. To be more precise 40 countries. We offer students to be a global student by giving the international study opportunities that help the students reach heights in a multicultural country like the united states of America.

The school of graduate that comes under us offers study in 40 academic fields. Our motto is to “start with a dream. Finish with a future”. CCSU opens a wide window of knowledge to you.

Different Academic Schools that come under CCSU

Carol a. Ammon college of liberal Arts & Social sciences

This is a college that offers bachelor’s degree in arts and science. Carol a. Ammon college of liberal arts & social sciences offers a wide range of academic programs that provide broad liberal education and gives specific career based education including teaching. It also helps the student to work in various work fields which include law and medicine.

School of Business

The school of business is a business school that comes under the ccsu. This academy offers a bachelor’s degree in business administration. A degree from this college makes the student apt to run and manage any business. We build the student to face business situations and to run and manage and have leadership skills that are essential for a business person.

School of education & Professional Studies

The school of education & professional studies is an institute that molds students into professionals that are the backbone to the society. We prepare the student to be a leader and serve the society. We mold student to be successful teachers, administrators, reading specialists and special educators for our schools. Not only that we also prepare students to be nurses, exercise and fitness instructors, social workers, and counselors. In short we prepare the students to be professionals that are essential to run the society.

School of Engineering, Science & Technology

The school of engineering, science & technology is awarded  “center of excellence” by the state of connecticut. We help students to be good engineers who build a whole new world to the people. We help students to gain more knowledge in the field of engineering, technology and research.  Our syllabus focus theoretical as well as practical applications. We make students blend in with the engineering, technical, management, research, biomedical, and educational teams.

School of Graduate Studies

The school of graduate studies helps students to be more skilled professionals that will help the students to be more engaged professionals who will contribute their skills to change the world. We provide knowledge with the scholarly inquiry, research, and study in specialized disciplines. We also offer graduate courses that will lead to master’s degrees which are master of arts in teaching, master of science; master of arts,  MBA; sixth-year certificates in mathematics, in educational leadership  in reading and an edd in educational leadership.

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