How much is Emma Watson Net Worth in 2015

We all are familiar with the hot and amazing actress Emma Watson, full name Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson. Emma Watson is a British actress and model. When she was nine, she started her Hollywood carrier from the movie harry potter and is famous all over the world as Hermione Granger. She is one of the highly paid Hollywood actresses and the net worth of Emma Watson is currently estimated as $40 million.

Emma Watson Net Income
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Emma Watson net worth

Emma Watson Net Worth$40 million

Emma was born for two British lawyers in the Paris and at her childhood itself her parents got divorced and she moved on with her mom to Oxfordshire and visits her dad during the weekends. Emma had realized her talent in acting during the early age of six when she was in school. Before acting in the legendary movie Harry Potter the only acting experience she had was from her school. Out of her strong passion to study acting, her mother Jacqueline took her to the Stagecoach Theatre Arts School, and from there she started learning the singing, acting and dancing.

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Even before the age of ten, Emma started her carrier by becoming the cast member of the Harry Potter movie. When we all were playing around in the grounds, Emma, the little kid started earning and now that she became one of the successful actresses in the Hollywood. She made her entry to the movie she never had idea about the scale and budget of the movie. On the day of the premier itself the movie has become one of the best films and after that it was also said to be one of the most profitable movie. The producers and the author of the book Harry potter, J.k Rowling was very impressed during the first spark of the demonstration by the little kid Emma.

Emma Watson net income

After the success of the first part of the film harry potter soon the next were out Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and for this movie she was honored with the Otto Award by the German magazine Bravo and in the year 2004 Emma was highly praised for her performance in the third movie Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban while some of the others like Radcliff was widely criticized for his stone-like expressions and lack of passion. And when she received a pay check of  $4 million in Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix and her net worth have grown more and more and in the last movie her net worth almost reached at $15 million

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