Sea Games 2015 Singapore Mascot

SEA Games 2015 Singapore will be the 28th edition of South East Asian games, South East Games is a multi sport event which occurs every 2 years. This year Sea Games 2015 will be hosted by Singapore. Singapore games 2015 will be held between June 5 and June 16, 2015. About 7000 athletes from 11 South East nations will be participating at SEA Games 2015 Singapore. Singapore was selected as the host for SEA Games 2015 in 2011, i.e during South Asian Games 2011, Indonesia. In here we will be sharing SEA Games 2015 Singapore official mascot and logo, we will also be discussing about some of the old mascots.

SEA Games 2015 Singapore Mascot

Official mascot for SEA Games 2015 was announced earlier this year. The official mascot for SEA Games 2015 Singapore is a lion named Nila. The word Nila comes from the name of the founder of Singapura. Singapore South East Asian games logo, official countdown and mascot were introduced on Feb 15, 2015. Let’s now check out how SEA Games 2015 Mascot looks like.

SEA Games 2015 Mascot


Let’s now check out few old sea games mascots. First South East Games was held on 1989, from the first edition itself SEA Games has official mascots. Here is a table which gives you clear idea on SEA Games 2015 Mascots.

SEA Games Host Mascot(s) Description
1989 Southeast Asian Games Kuala Lumpur Johan a turtle.
1991 Southeast Asian Games Manila Kiko Labuyo a colourful mountain-dwelling fighting cock.
1993 Southeast Asian Games Singapore Singa a lion.
1995 Southeast Asian Games  Chiang Mai Sawasdee a Siamese cat.
1997 Southeast Asian Games Jakarta Hanuman a white monkey character in the Ramayana epic.
1999 Southeast Asian Games Sandar Seri Begawan Awang Budiman a young Bruneian boy.
2001 Southeast Asian Games Kuala Lumpur Si Tumas a golden squirrel.
2003 Southeast Asian Games Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City Trâu Vàng a golden water buffalo.
2005 Southeast Asian Games Manila Gilas a Philippine eagle.
2007 Southeast Asian Games Nakhon Ratchasima Can a Korat cat.
2009 Southeast Asian Games Vientiane Champa and Champi two white elephants dressed in traditional Lao attire.
2011 Southeast Asian Games Palembang and Jakarta Modo and Modi a pair of Komodo dragons.[1]
2013 Southeast Asian Games Naypyidaw Shwe Yoe and Ma Moe a couple of owls.
2015 Southeast Asian Games Mascot Singapore Nila a lion with red mane and heart-shaped face.



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